Now, healthy beauty regime can be nature friendly with Amazon

Amazon India strives to fight climate change and provide convenient and non-toxic skincare to its customers while adhering to green standards.

The beauty industry has taken over the shelves of every household and has become ubiquitous. By 2027, the international cosmetics market will reach $463.5 billion, with a CAGR of 5.3%. However, did you know that the reckless usage of palm oil in 70% of cosmetics has caused massive deforestation? Also, chemicals, such as parabens, emulsifiers, and preservatives, among others, used in beauty products are usually non-degradable, causing great damage to the environment, particularly the coral reef.

The environmental repercussions of ‘being beautiful’ could be hazardous. Amazon India understands this very well. This is why the company walks high on the road to sustainability and empowers eco-conscious brands.

Here is how you can help us create a greener future, fight the climate change, and pamper yourself with the best skincare and beauty products

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