Retail ERP: A Surprising Partner to Lean Manufacturing Goals

Lean manufacturing has grown to be commonplace with objectives that aim to make processes more efficient and reduce waste. One surprising way to achieve lean manufacturing goals is to work in conjunction with an ERP system. Not only will they ensure they are attained, they will elevate the entire company’s functioning and produce a leaner workflow devoid of excess matter. This combination is relatively new to the production floor so, how exactly can an ERP aid lean manufacturing?Eliminate Waste

Remove all forms of waste based on data and insights obtained from an ERP system. Production planning, restocking and allocation of resources will be more organised with the ability to preempt requirements and trends thanks to ERP monitoring and output to help align processes with company objectives.

Enhance Customer Service

Communication with end customers will be more streamlined as an ERP software not only tracks and analyses manufacturing processes but ensures all data is available on a real-time basis and is accessible to all involved parties. It is a constant guarantee that lean guidelines are maintained with continuous improvement to instill faith in customers.Handpicked Related Content
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Efficient Planning

An ERP software is essentially built for planning with the 24/7 monitoring and analysis of every element of an organisation. It provides insights and dashboards that ensure a product is never unavailable if a customer demands it or diversification is preempted based on trends. The MPS and MRP elements of lean are practically in-built with every ERP solution. Every step is scheduled and every change is anticipated resulting in minimum wastage.

Reduce Downtime

Routine maintenance proves to be a breeze as ERP systems anticipate breakdowns based on machine wear and tear in relation to usage. Prior to a potential problem, the relevant department is alerted and measures can be taken to minimise the impact and speed up repair. The same can be applied across industries with employee absence resulting in low disruption thanks to the collaboration between departments to pick up the slack.

Streamline Inventory and Delivery

ERP data provides accurate forecasts to plan and replenish inventory based on demand and this data spills over into the strategic elements of business for precise delivery planning and expansion. An ERP system also aids in the reduction of excessive requirements as business processes become more streamlined.

ERP and lean manufacturing may seem mutually exclusive and not require each other but in fact, they prove to be beneficial in conjunction with each other and enhance organisational functioning ton multiple levels while ensuring ROI.

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